Life at Spectrum

Our success is because of our people. We’re a team of passionate professionals, devoted to achieving the best outcomes for the environment and our clients. We work with some of the largest, future-minded organisations in Western Australia, helping them achieve the best possible environmental outcomes.

Spectrum delivers ecological, botanical, zoological, and spatial consulting services across Western Australia.

We work with the mining, infrastructure, agricultural and local government sectors. Every day is different because every project is unique. 

We specialise in developing innovative ecological solutions by cultivating cooperative partnerships, engaging industry, and embracing the opportunities brought by advances in technology.

We’re a young, progressive business eager to drive improvement in our country’s amazing landscape. Since our beginnings in 2015, we have grown quickly in both size and impact and are proud to be a recognised name in our field.

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Work and learn alongside industry leaders

Our people are wonderfully diverse, bringing together a rich combination of experience, skillsets and perspectives. They’re leaders in their fields, spanning ecological, botanical, zoological, and geospatial science.

While we come from different walks, we’re unified by a central commonality: a desire to make a difference in the world. With persistent and evolving threats to our rich biodiversity, what we do has never been more important. 

Make a real difference to our planet

Australia is rich in biodiversity, with 85% of our plant species endemic to the continent. From our wetlands, tidal mangroves and billabongs, to the arid Gibson Desert, our backyard provides a wide range of opportunities for ecologists, zoologists, and biological scientists alike.

We work all over the state of WA, including the Pilbara, Kimberley, Western Deserts, Mid-west, Geraldton Sandplains, Swan Coastal Plain, Goldfields, and the South West.

Our unique flora and fauna look to us for protection and preservation, and nothing is more rewarding than knowing they will be around for future generations because of our efforts.

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Use industry-leading technology

They say a tradesperson is only as good as their tools, so we only use the best technology on the market; in-house drone pilots for UAV surveys, manned and satellite data, remote sensing and machine learning, eDNA analyses, camera traps, cm-accurate Differential GPS, Species Distribution Modelling, powerful statistical analyses using a range of software products, in-house software developers, and data scientists.

We pride ourselves on innovation and have worked with software developers and machine learning engineers to develop state-of-the-art software solutions for environmental management.

We value everyone’s input, and strongly encourage all of our people to offer ideas on how we can do things better.

We believe in a job done well, and have only the highest standards for the quality of our work. Our reputation in the industry for quality work precedes us, and we’re committed to our values of integrity, accountability, and honesty.

We celebrate our successes, and promote sustainable work-life balance for all of our people.

Flexible working arrangements, capped field days, Time-in-Lieu, diverse career opportunities, and a fantastic team of friendly individuals, make Culture one of our strongest assets.

Job opportunities at Spectrum

Let’s build the future together

Spectrum offers a wide range of opportunities to support our employees, with a variety of roles suited to your unique goals, experience, and skills. We want to help you advance in your career, grow as an environment ambassador and, of course, strike a balance between work and life that enables you to achieve more.

We want big-picture thinkers who seek to leave a visible, long-term impact on our planet. If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

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